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Posted on: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 | Time: 2:38 PM | Posted By: KyToy
The Pot Calling the Kettle Uneducated

I hate when people follow dumb shit up with more dumb shit... So I have a story of a story to tell:

So an UNEDUCATED friend tells me...

It's a random game of "Ten things I hate about you!" and the guy tells his girlfriend that the #1 thing he hates of his girlfriend is her lack of education. She graduated high school and never went to college.

But apparently, the boyfriend is currently attending a community college and because he attends a community college he has no room to talk about someone not having an education.

What's wrong with that picture???

Seems to me that the pot is rather salty that the kettle made a crack at her too, indirectly of course & the pot is STEAMING MAD!!

1) He knew of girlfriends "lack" of education when he met her, no? But he still managed to oversee it to be with her... for a long time. So why is it such a bother now??
2) Yeah that person went to community college, that doesn't mean that they are any less of a hard working person in this society or any dumber (than you)...
3) Uneducated or Not, this uneducated friend of mine is in the same boat as her uneducated friend with the big block of chipped wood for a boyfriend. Why? Because that uneducated friend made the dumbass "...but he only went to a community college" comment when she herself has NEVER been to college AT ALL!!! (Oh I'm sorry, she went to go and have keg parties with her friends who will eventually go on to make 3x as much money as her)

If you've never furthered you're own education, I mean no attempt what so ever, please don't talk snot about someone elses education progress (or in her case the lack thereof) because no matter how smart you are in comparison to the next person, you don't have that piece of paper like that person does that says that you made that attempt. Which in turn makes you look like the biggest fool.

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Posted on: Monday, March 9, 2009 | Time: 3:57 PM | Posted By: KyToy
David Miller Time

Ok so I can't think of anyone back in the day that didn't have a crush on this dude. 1999 was a great year. I admit that the strength of his vocals aren't the greatest, but he's so dreamy!! Enjoy... I'll be sitting here in from of my PC reminiscing my childhood, wishing I was Journey Smollett!

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Time: 2:09 PM | Posted By: KyToy
If You Don't Know Now You Know

Today marks the 12th year anniversary of his death... RIP!

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